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Metal Art - Illustrations - Chicken Wire Sculptures - Designs

Designs From a Picture

Designs made from a photo or illustration

I also work out designs only, usable for your own work


For your wedding- and engagementcards, invitations, books and much more

Chicken Wire Sculptures

Life-size designed sculptures

Plasma Cutting by Hand

Your design will be cut out by hand with a plasmacutter


To make make sure the plate will not deform, it will be strengthend on the back side

Choose A Colour

The perfect way to let all the welding spots dissapear, a thick layer of coating is applied


All pieces are handwork and can't be bought in a store.

Who is Mahroon Art

My name is Angela Lohuis and i live with my husband and daughter in Nieuw-Amsterdam in the Netherlands

It is my passion to make unique designs

Do you have an idea but can't work it out on your own, I would like to help. There is so much possible!

Please feel free to ask me for all the possibilities